Many people dream but its only a few people that make their dream come through, people give up on their dream too soon because either it’s taking too long to come into realization or they believe that their dream is too big to achieve. Your mind is where every dream is created, and the mind is also the place where every dream is destroyed, the mind is so powerful that whatever you believe you can achieve you will achieve it if only you can believe it. If you dream of starting your own business, I will encourage you to never give up on your dream.


             Fear Factors of a dreamer

  • The dream is too big: When you dream, that dream was put in your head for a reason, the mistake many people make is that whenever they dream about what they want to achieve, they compare their present situation or their present surrounding to the future of their dream. What they don’t realize is that the dream that was created in their mind was birth without any restriction or obstacles. For example, someone had a dream of owning a business, but when they look at their present situation that they don’t have any money in their account, they quit on their dream with the thought that they don’t have what it takes financially to achieve it.


  • Fear of Success: When I first heard that people can be afraid of success I was surprised, yes there are people that are afraid of what success will do to them. The fear of succeeding prevents some people to pursue their dream, they know that if they pursue that particular dream they will succeed, that fear holds them captive.


  • Fear of Failure: Failure is one of the reasons why many people refuse to pursue their dreams, they are afraid what they dream about might not work. The fear of failure can also hold a person in captive, it will cripple their faith and kill their dream.


  • Fear of what people will say. We sometimes listen to people for approvals, it’s not that it is totally bad, but there are times we have to follow our own heart. If the dream is not injuring anybody or obstructing anyone in a negative way, then there is no reason why we should let the opinion of others to stop our dreams. There are times family members might not support your dream either because they don’t have the kind of faith you have or they don’t believe in you enough that you can do it. There are people that have lost their dreams because of what people will say.


  • Too much work: Anything tangible or worthwhile takes time and hard work, a dreamer can see that his or her dream will take a lot of work, and because of it, they might give up on their dream. Every inventor we know in our time and in the past had put in so much work into their dream and it didn’t kill them.

       6 Ways to Overcome the Challenges of a Dreamer


  • Do something – Start small: To get to the top of the dream you have to climb from the base. If you believe your dream is too big for you, I will advise you to break your it into smaller parts and take baby steps, one step at a time.


  • Keep working towards your ideas every day, the reason I suggest this is because if you neglect to work towards your dream every day you might get tired of it, or dream killers can kill your dream.


  • Listen to motivational speakers or read books that will help keep your dreams alive in your mind. It is easy to quit when you meet difficulties along your journey of bringing your dream into reality. You must surround yourself with people that have a positive mindset, if you fly with eagles you will learn how to soar.


  • Exposed yourself to what you are afraid of because fear can stop you from getting to where you’re supposed to get to in life. When you avoid what you are afraid of it makes it scarier, but instead exposed yourself to it, feel the fear, face it and it will start to fade away.


  • Hard work pays, you must be ready to work hard towards your dream, nothing good comes to a lazy person.


  • Have a positive mindset, change the way you see yourself, see yourself the way you want to be, and you will surprise you will become the picture you have in mind.

                       Dare To Dream

  • Dreams are conceived long before they are achieved.


  • Never give up on your dream even if you did not start well, keep at it.


  • Never give up on your dream even when your family did not like it


  • Never give up on your dream even when your journey to success is full of obstacles and surprises


  • Never ever give up on your dream even if it takes a long time to realize it, wait for it.


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